Kind of Delicious Salad Recipes

There are many kinds of salad recipe that we often encounter. But do you know what the salad means? Here, we will explain in advance about salads.
Salad can be a fresh dish which can be made of vegetables, pasta, nuts, eggs, or seeds, also can combine salad with meat, poultry, food sea / seafood or fruit. Most traditional salads are served cold, though taste salads like German potato salad served warm.

The most common thing we know may be the Green Salad which is usually served with sauce, with various combinations such as nuts, and often with additional meat, fish, pasta, cheese, eggs or seeds.

Salad could be served whenever you want inside a restaurant service, including as following:
• Appetizer Salad / Opener or light salad to stimulate appetite since the first plate of food.
• Side salad to accompany the key course as a side dish …
Main Course Salad which will has / contains more protein portions for example chicken or sliced beef.• Palate-cleansing salads which are eaten after the key course.
• Desert Salad / dessert salad, a salad that tastes sweet usually contains gelatin / jelly or whipped cream.

The composition inside salad is divided into 4 parts, including:
1. Underline (base or base)This underline (base or base) is generally filled up with green leaf vegetables such as slada leaves or lettuce because it is a fresh vegetable that is dry / crispy, either cut or left intact, with all the purpose of creating a salad to makes it look fresher (refreshing effect).
2. Body (main part)This part will be the main section of the salad. This part usually determines the salad, by way of example tomato salad or potato salad.
3. Dressing (sauce)Dressings used as salad dressing are made from basic sauce of lettuce oil, butter sauce so on
4. Garnish
This garnish serves to beautify the dish. Garnish can be viewed just as one important point in making salads, since with a great garnish, of course the look of the salad can look attractive and increase curiosity to attempt or eat it. Garnish possesses its own art in a very dish, to make garnish interesting, it will require creativity and experience to do it.

The following are some in the most widely used salads within the restaurant.

1. Green Salad
Or the Garden Salad which might be easy and simple to locate consists of models of lettuce, spinach, or arugula. Because of its low calorie density, green salads would be the most typical diet food.

2. Greek Salad / Summer Salad- Cut tomatoes- Cucumber slices- Green paprika- Sliced shallots.
– Fesse Cheese dice
– Zaitun Kalamata
– Salt and oregano
– Dressing organic olive oil

3. Chef Salad.
– Lettuce
– Boiled eggs
– Ham, turkey, chicken, or roast beef
– Tomato
– Cucumber
– Cheese
– Dressing varied / by request

4. Coleslaw
– Cabbage
– Onion
– Carrot
– Dressing mayonnaise + mustard + pepper

5. Chicken Salad.
– Slice of chicken meat
– Cucumber- Celery
– Apple
– Fresh dill (herb)
– Mayonnaise + salt + pepper

6. Nicoise Salad.
– Lettuce
– Tomato
– Potato
– Long beans
– Boiled eggs
– Cans in cans
– Sliced shallots
– Olive- Anchovy
– Dressing oil & vinaigrette

7. Waldorf Salad
Salad was created between 1893 and 1896 at the Waldorf Hotel in New York City (the predecessor in the Waldorf.
– Astoria Hotel, which opened in 1931)
– Apple
– Celery sticks
– Walnut
– Wine
– Yogurt dressing (1 egg yolk, beaten 1/4 cup plain yogurt, 1 tablespoons Dijon mustard, 1 tablespoons lemon juice, 1 tablespoons sherry vinegar, 1/4 cup grape seed oil, Salt and pepper)

8. Caesar Salad
– In romaine
– Crouton
– Parmesan cheese
– Chicken slices
– Caesar dressing (organic olive oil, fresh crushed garlic
– Often in organic olive oil, salt, fresh ground black pepper, wine vinegar, fresh lemon juice or lime juice, Worcestershire sauce, raw or coddled egg yolks)

9. Caprese Salad
Coming from Capri, usually being an appetizer.
Mozzarella slices
– Sliced tomatoes
– Result
– Dressing oil + salt

10. Fruit Salad / Macedonia
Can be used just as one appetizer or dessert. It contains no less than 3 forms of fruit to qualify as being a fruit cocktail.

11. Gado-gado / Lotek / karedok
Original Indonesian food with special peanut sauce. A combination of various vegetables such as kale, spinach, long beans, boiled eggs, cabbage, Tempe, tofu etc …
-Peanut dressing (kidney beans, sugar java / palm sugar / brown sugar, chili, lime juice, tamarind, water).

Green salad is made up of various sorts of fresh vegetables. Vegetables can be adjusted based on your taste. This is very suitable for vegetarians. Here’s a simple green salad recipe:Material :
1. Grated cheese.
2. 10 sticks of beans, cut 2 cm
3. Sweet corn 2 pieces, wash then draw.
4. Cucumber, cut thin
5. Red tomatoes 2 pieces, take away the seeds, dice.
6. Mayonnaise 150 ml
7. Lettuce leaves to taste, tear small.
8. Potatoes 2 pieces, peel your skin and dice.
9. Lime (optional)
10. Vanilla 1 canned condensed milk11. 2 carrots, peel your skin and dice

How to make :
1. Steam all vegetables except lettuce until cooked.
2. After cooking, refrigerate all vegetables first by putting them within the refrigerator.
3. After that mix vegetables in a container.
4. Mix mayonnaise and sweetened thick, lime juice (optional)
5. Remove fruits from the refrigerator. Pour the fruit salad dressing about the fruit.6. Sprinkle grated cheese in accordance with your taste.


If you want to produce a basic and healthy salad, please see the recipe below:
Vegetable salad ingredients:
• 4 items of red lettuce, torn
• 4 components of green lettuce, torn
• 1 red tomato, thinly sliced
• ½ red peppers, cut into small pieces
• 3 tablespoons of canned tuna
• Olive oils to taste
• 1/2 lemon, squeeze the lake and grate the skin
• Sufficient grated cheese
• Black pepper to taste
• Salt to taste

How to make a simple vegetable salad:
• Mix red lettuce, green lettuce, tomatoes, red peppers, tuna, plus grated lemon zest.
• Pour freshly squeezed lemon juice and extra virgin olive oil.
• Then add black pepper and salt, stirring evenly.
• After stirring evenly, place it with a serving plate. Then give cheese sprinkles.
• Healthy vegetable salads will be ready to be served.

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