How Easy to Cook Pasta

Maybe there are some people who don’t understand how easy to cook pasta. Here will be explained how, but before us have to know what pasta is.
Pasta is often a processed food found in Italian cuisine, created from a mixture of flour, water, eggs, and salt that forms dough which can be formed into various sizes and shapes. Pasta is manufactured into various dishes after being boiled.

Types of Pasta,

    The shape is just like a curved pipe with a hole in the middle. Macaroni is perfect for baked goods like Macaroni Schotel and can also be used like a filling for assorted soups.
    The pasta that individuals meet generally, appears to be a good stick without holes. It is suitable to become served with bolognaise sauce (tomato sauce with minced meat).
    The shape is just like fusilli, but is spiral and thicker. This pasta is frequently processed with meat, cheese sauce, and vegetables.
    Thin sheet using a period of about 27 cm and a width of 5 cm which is filled and arranged up to 7 layers. Lasagnes are available in three colors, namely yellow for grilled dishes, red for dishes with tomato sauce, and green which can be suitable to get combined with various vegetables.
    The shape is smaller and thinner than spaghetti. Many are sold on industry.
  6. PENNE
    The shape is just like Cannelloni, though the tip is shaped with sharp pieces on both sides and smaller in diameter. Penne there’re two types, namely the outer skin is jagged and which is not jagged.
    The shape is being a spiral. Usually processed with cream sauce with tomatoes and peas.
    Shaped just like a hollow pipe having a diameter of around 3 cm, and about 5 cm long. Usually full of various filling, suitable for cooking with meat and cheese on grilled and boiled dishes.
    It looks like a smaller or pastel pillow, composed of 2 sheets of pasta which may be filled inside. The contents can also be various, usually filled up with meat, cheese, vegetables, mushrooms to processed seafood.
    The form of Conchiglie resembles a seashell. This paste can be served with sauce or combined with soups and salads.
    Wide flat paste much like Kwetiau. This paste come in three colors, namely green in the spinach juice, black from the squid ink, and yellow from the egg. Fettuccine be suitable as a main dish with meat, cheese, vegetables or seafood.
    The shape resembles a filling pasta, filled up with ricotta cheese and instead gives off like spinach. This pasta is very suitable being enjoyed with tomatoes and cream sauce.
    The shape is thicker than spaghetti. Is one from the traditional Italian pasta. Literally, the name means a smaller worm.
    Unique shape as being a tuxedo men’s bow tie with jagged edges. This pasta is frequently served with salad dishes or main dishes with creamy sauces. Can also be processed with mild sauces for example extra virgin olive oil, cheese and butter.
    Be another type of Cannelloni, but having a shorter form and has vertical lines on the exterior.
  16. DITALI
    This paste is in the shape of short pipes which, if considered a bit more like Canneloni, are fatter.
    Is a processed pasta created from potatoes. Crushed boiled potatoes are made as a mixture of flour. Gnocchi is usually served with tomato sauce.
    Shaped as being a small shell. Generally, processed with a mixture of vegetables including broccoli and tomatoes or legumes.


Various Pasta Sauce:

  • Carbonara
    A mix of cream, egg white, cheese and black pepper. The color is white using a creamy texture, tastes savory.
  • Puttanesca
    Mixed anchovy with olive oil, garlic, pepper, parsley and salt. It tastes a bit spicy.
  • Bolognese
    Minced meat, tomatoes, onions and cheese. The color is brownish red, it tastes fresh sour savory.
  • White Clam
    Oysters are processed with essential olive oil, garlic and parsley leaves.
  • Pesto
    Basil leaves and pine nuts (pine cone) are processed with salt, garlic, olive oil and grated cheese. Fragrant and savory.
  • Aglio E Olio
    Garlic is fried with organic olive oil, dried red chili and parsley leaves. It feels light and tasty.
  • Le Sarde
    Made from sardine fish, pine nuts (pine cone seeds), fennel plants (a somewhat palawija to differentiate smell and taste) and essential olive oil.
  • Alfredo
    Made from Parmesan cheese, butter and concentrated cream. The color is white, soft and so creamy.
  • Sauce Mushroom
    Mushrooms are processed with garlic and cream. The texture is soft and supple.


How simple to cook pasta:

  1. Choose what pasta you would like to cook. Choose one that may blend while using sauce. The best is always to choose pasta from Italy and is made 100% from durum semolina flour.
  2. Fill 2/3 areas of a large pan with water. This will guarantee the water won’t spill when boiled. Don’t fill weak hands water, this will make the paste sticky. There must be a proper comparison between pasta and water. To reduce your waiting time, provide warm water first.
  3. Turn on the stove with good heat.
  4. Add salt if you want. For a large pot of water, one or two tablespoons of salt is enough. Wait until the river boils.
  5. Put the pasta into the lake and stir with a long spoon. Be careful not to stick the paste towards the bottom from the pan, particularly when your just put it in.
  6. Reduce the heat slowly, still boil the pasta, and stir each part often to maintain it from sticking. Don’t cover the panic, traditional Italian pasta cooked with no pan cover.
  7. When it continues to be boiled for 8-10 minutes (look into the packaging for tips on cooking time), take away the paste and cool it down.
  8. Bite pasta. If the pasta is usually to challenging biting or if you see the center part of the paste is still white, the pasta needs being cooked just a little longer. If the pasta continues to be cooked until cooked however (somewhat) hard, actually the pasta is ready. This is called al dente in Italian.
  9. Turn off the stove and pour the paste in the filter. Shake the residual water and after that pour the paste within the pan.
  10. Add one tablespoon of extra virgin olive oil then shake (optional). Add your selected sauce and shake it (in a hot pot). Add grated Parmesan cheese (a form of Italian cheese), fresh parsley leaves or basil leaves, or other garments (decoration) to taste.

A simple to make pasta sauce:

  1. Heat an extended pan with medium heat.
  2. Check the heat in the pan by placing your hands a few centimeters across the pan.
  3. Protect the bottom from the pan by pouring somewhat olive oil (merely a thin layer).
  4. Sprinkle dried seasonings in oil. By adding a pinch of oregano or Italian spices, the dried seasoning will soak into the oil. Leave approximately thirty minutes with respect to the heat in the oil; dry seasoning can be brown, but don’t allow it to burn.
  5. Add half the size from the onion dice and stirs.
  6. After 1-2 minutes, add several cubes of diced garlic.
  7. When the onion becomes transparent, pour 1 large can or 2 small cans of tomato that has been softened in to the pan.
  8. Add salt, sugar (optional), black pepper, Italian spices, and oregano to taste.
  9. Let the tomatoes heat, then allow it to simmer slowly in approximately fifteen minutes.
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