Best Vegetable Noodle Slicer

Vegetable noodles can also be a food trend right now. Many consumers enjoy it especially vegetarian. With a variety of processing, it permits you to enjoy your favorite pasta dishes with an increase of fewer calories. A quality vegan noodle maker can assist you prepare delicious food efficiently.

Vegetarian noodles are easy to make, because they are derived from good quality spiral noodle making machines which might be easy to use. These machine only produce perfect spiral pieces by rotating the vegetables, pressing them and cutting these with special shaped blades. There are several models of vegan noodle makers available on the market, but only a couple of make pieces being a top veggie spiraled.

When this machine is well-known towards the public which is becoming more and more popular, there are many name mounted on these small machines. You might be more knowledgeable about this machine as the maker of veggie spaghetti, food spiraled or spiral noodle maker, among others, but all do almost the same job.

You will find spirals of numerous shapes and sizes. Some are employed by putting on the table, and some are enough to carry. Whatever you choose, the operating system is the identical. The machine is only able to be used for starters vegetable like zucchini by having a special knife that produces the specified noodle shape, from spaghetti spirals to thin ribbons.

As the name suggests, vegetable noodles are generally made from vegetables, but you can use your spiraled in fruits like pears and apples for vegan desserts too.

The best spiral vegetable slicing machine

When buying any kitchen equipment, you have to always be a brilliant consumer who’s knowledgeable and does research prior to buying. Hopefully this review allows you to obtain the perfect tool to your kitchen. Here are five of the greatest choices of the finest veggie serialized noodles available.



  • Do work quickly to make uniform spiral pieces from fruit and veggies. Can also be used for potatoes, salads, garnishes and much more.
  • Three stainless-steel blades make spaghetti pieces (1/8 inch), components of fettuccine (1/4 inch), or ribbon-shaped noodles.
  • Removable blades keep the blade clean and safe. When not in use it may be saved on board.
  • Food retention with sharp teeth holding vegetables and fruit safely, so they are not released when cut.
  • Grips to rotate vegetables and fruits, making the cutting process better to spiral. The sides with the handle advance fruit and vegetables via a knife.
  • Stronghold Suction cup for non-slip stability on counter tops.



  • Has four blades shape to produce different bits of noodles, replaced with Twister Noodles to become easily handled.
  • Counter Clamps maintain the Inspiralizer stable with a dual vacuum suction lever base.
  • There are a protective cover that protects the finger from the sharp knife ensuring safe handling.
  • A sleek, unique and high-quality design which is easily stored, fully assembled and ready for usage.
  • Made from BPA free plastic and 1 years warranty.



  • Produces three different sizes of vegetable noodles in a very uniform spiral shape.
  • Food cover or lid protects the hand in the event the machine are employed and during storage.
  • Handle without slippage for peace of mind in the cutting process.
  • Open design accommodates long and round vegetables.
  • Three stainless blades that are color coded to spot quickly.
  • Features of spaghetti cut (1/8-in), components of fettuccine (1/4-in) and ribbon cut into blades.
  • Recommended by Cooks Illustrated.
  • OXO Better guarantee.



  • Equipped using a recipe book, serialized vegetable slicer to form french fries, noodles and ribbons having a cleaning brush.
  • Healthy and straightforward: Bella serialized will cut 6 products in seconds, easily turning vegetables and fruit into colorful culinary creations and enabling you to replace noodles with gluten-free and healthy choices.
  • Hands-free: The auto-stop feature which can be a progressive finding that provides truly hands-free cutting. Just enter your vegetables, lock them, turn the knob and you watch. This machine is utilized to create large ribbon shapes, fettuccine, spaghetti, linguine and curly french fries with one simple button.
  • Easy to clean & maintain: this sturdy unit is definitely separated to help you clean the spiraled easily, with washable parts. This includes a difficult bristle cleaning brush which means that your hands stay clean from the sharp cutting mechanism.



  • Has a versatile blade system.
  • Attach on the Power Hub.
  • Suitable for all Kitchenaid Stand mixer models.
  • The construction is constructed of premium metal.
  • Convenient storage.



  • Fast & easy to play manually.
  • 12 ultra-sharp stainless steel blades.
  • With a sharp spiral slicer for instant strands.
  • Ergonomic grip and easy to hold.
  • Make thin or thick pieces.
  • Dishwasher safety and gluten free.
  • Good for diabetics.

Hopefully using this brief review can offer information input to you personally and will be appropriate for you personally.

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