Behind the Delicious Vegan Instant Ramen Brand

Japanese cuisine is among the culinary which includes many fan around the world, especially this, ramen. Who doesn’t like ramen. Starting from gravy, noodles to topping, the 3 can be a combination that can’t be rejected. But to be as tasty as any ramen, unfortunately you can still find people who can’t eat ramen, namely vegetarians and vegans, because as we know that ramen, especially its cald, contains ingredients such as meat from beef, chicken and fish.

But vegetarians and vegans in Japan seem really lucky, with all the opening of a ramen restaurant for vegetarians and vegans named T’s Tantan, now they can also enjoy ramen.  This restaurant positioned in Tokyo really offers ramen made of non-animal, it was first shown by an information board much like the picture above, that T’s Tantan does not use ingredients from meat, chicken, fish, eggs, or milk.

One example is dishes like the picture above, ramen and curry rice resemble ramen and curry rice generally, however the dish really doesn’t contain ingredients from animals, including the illustration of “meat” slices below which can be actually created from soy.

This unique menu available from the ramen restaurant seems to become a unique attraction, especially for foreign tourists who will be vegetarians and therefore are visiting Japan, so they can also feel the pleasure of ramen through the cherry country.

You’re cooking skills might be reliable, nevertheless, you can still enjoy simple things, like cooking delicious instant noodles. But we better know which brand is wonderful for us.

Here are seven choices of vegan instant ramen brands that may match your tongue:

1. Dr. McDougall’s Right Foods

Dr. McDougall developed a wide selection of vegan instance-in-a-cup noodles, including chicken flavors. Even though it’s not technically “ramen”, don’t miss it with its Alas Vegan Thai.

2. Nissin

Nissin, the most popular company in America, offers two flavors of vegan, Soy Sauce and Chile. Enjoy the delights of both tastes.

3. Koyo

The Koyo ramen brand noodle has many vegan flavors to pick from, including Garlic Pepper, Lemongrass Ginger, and Shiitake Mushroom.

4. Thai Kitchen

Famous for the delicious noodles and sauces, Thai Kitchen serves vegan instant ramen in packages and bowls. This noodle includes a number of tastes, namely Thai Ginger, Spring Onion, and Garlic & Vegetable.

5. Crystal Noodle

To enjoy the slightest sensation of kicking with extra high protein, try a spicy bowl of spicy tofu.

6. Lotus Food

Lotus Foods’ Rice Ramen Collection contains many vegan flavors, including a charming and delicious version of Purple and Red Rice Potatoes with beautiful noodle colors.

Tip: There are many vegans ramen noodles available from brands that you could not know, and you’re anticipated to use them. Be is sure to look at listing of ingredients thoroughly to make certain the constituents are contained.
Based on the taste alone, it will likely be difficult for us to find out the ingredient contained, since this is less clear, this also product might have ingredients which come from hidden animals. To be safe, you ought to contact the business to question if your technique are vegan.

In the truth of cooking whole-foods and grain, making fresh sauces, and baking vegan food, it could make laziness appear, particularly if you might be too busy. The solution is simply by instant cooking, ramen.Nissin Ramen Top containing two flavors for vegan enthusiasts, Oriental and Chile might help us prepare vegetarian food since, it can help to conserve money and time.

But if you wish to cook yourself, listed below are the easy creations of ramen noodles:

1. Simple ramen noodles

A simple addition by means of chili sauce and vegetables that ordinary ramen needs.


– 1 packages of ramen (with spices)
– 1 cup of fresh or frozen vegetables (broccoli, edamame, green beans, or mushrooms are fantastic choices)
– Chili sauce, to taste

How to make:

• Cook the ramen and add vegetables for two to a few minute while cooking.
• Add chili sauce to your taste.

2. Noodle Snack

Spice things with your own snack mix. Like you, this recipe is unique and knows no limits.


– 1 ramen package (without seasoning package)
– Curry powder, to taste
– 1 cup of mixed snacks (pastries, pretzels, cereals, nuts.)- Cayenne, to taste
– Salt to taste

How to cook:

• Crush the raw ramen into small pieces and include it with snacks.
• Sprinkle curry powder, cayenne pepper and salt. Ready to eat.

Tip: Start with a little spice, then improve the spicy taste to your liking.

3. Peanut Noodles

This easy Asian-style dish will wow them together with your fast culinary skills.


– 1 ramen package (without seasoning package)
– 1 slice of lime
– 1 teaspoon of soy sauce
– 1 teaspoon peanut butter

How to create:

• Cook ramen, then drain.
• Add peanut butter and stir prior to the noodles are coated.
• Mix with soy sauce, then squeeze the fresh lime juice on the noodles. Ready to be served.

4. All-American

This you have a good taste which is “cheesy” and is an average American dish.


– 1 ramen package (without seasoning package)
– 1 leek, chopped
– 1/2 cup of vegan grated cheese
– 1 can of vegan chili

How to make:

• Cook ramen, then drain
• Sprinkle on top of it with vegan chili, cheese and spring onions.

5. Chocolate noodles

This recipe works for dessert to suit your needs.


– 1 ramen package (without seasoning package)
– 1 vegan chocolate bar

How to cook:

• Destroy the raw ramen into large pieces.
• Break the chocolate into small pieces and set it inside a heat-resistant microwave bowl. Heat the chocolate in the microwave, stir every thirty seconds, until it melts.
• Pour chocolate in the ramen before ramen is coated.
• Store inside the refrigerator for cooling. This delicious dish will probably be ready in a very short time.

6. The Ruby

This recipe requires a little more time and energy to prepare.


– 1 ramen package (without seasoning package)
– 1 teaspoon rice wine vinegar blended with 2 tablespoons vegetable oil and 1 tsp. Sugar
– 1 cup of coleslaw mixture
– 2 leeks, chopped
– Almond slices, for decoration

How to cook:

• Crush the raw ramen into pieces
• Put in a very large container, stir the noodles, coleslaw mixture, and green onions.
• Add the vinegar mixture and stir prior to the noodles are coated.
• Put it inside the refrigerator for starters hour, or prior to the noodles soften.
• Before serving, stir yet again and sprinkle the almond slices at the top. Ready to eat.

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