Decorating Beautiful Mini Cupcakes


The decoration of mini cupcakes has a shape and taste that is delicious and interesting for everyone. Cupcake is like a miniature from the large cake placed in cups of colorful paper. Cupcake has an attractive appearance because it’s packaged in small, pretty containers, so it needs to be served for parties. Now cupcake is booming, much fashionable as a snack or as a dessert.

Cupcake History

Developing in America, in the 19th century, cupcakes may have a miniature size, however they don’t have always being. So-called for the reason that ingredients used are often rooted in cup size, not weighed. This tradition then become a habit. Initially, cupcakes are often called “number” cakes, for the reason that measurement dose is very not difficult to memorize. For example, a cup of butter plus two bowls of sugar plus three bowls of flour plus a bowl of milk and a spoonful of baking soda.

Growing ups then people began making cupcake molds in tin containers called muffins tin, which become popular throughout the last century. Today, cupcakes are becoming very varied, ranging from the composition of recyclables, size, shape and decoration.

Cupcake Variations

The uniqueness of Cupcake is its small and beautiful shape, as well as delicious taste. When buying this cake, it’s really a shame to provide the initial bite because of its adorable shape. Cupcake is traditionally used being a choice for Christmas delivery, Eid al-Fitr, New Year, celebration of baby birth, goodies bag, baby 30 days, birthday, even for weddings.

Cupcake is accessible using a various appearance and taste. Both the form and look from the cupcake might be adjusted towards the moment: clown decorations for birthdays, ketupat and mosques for Eid, or romantic flowers for that idol’s heart.

Besides being able to be decked out beautifully according to the desired theme, cupcake is also considered practical since it does not need to become cut into pieces before it is distributed. Besides that which has a touch of creativity, cupcakes look beautiful can be decorated with butter cream, fondant, various sugar sugars even with photos.

Cupcake could also replace the birthday cake or wedding cake by arranged on top of a tiered tier. There are 4 main ingredients of cupcake toppings:

  • Buttercream
    Buttercream could be used which has a variety of techniques and then decorated with colorful sprinkles. This sprinkle is edible, the contour may vary.
  • Cooking chocolate
    Can be melted, could be combined with cream, may be molded with mold. Chocolate flavor could be the taste of consumers’ favorite.
  • Edible paper
    Here customers can order images with printer quality and definitely will print on sugar paper. The ink uses edible ink, it is safe to eat. It is ideal for corporate birthdays, placing photos, logos, and others who would like the precision level to be exactly like the original picture.
  • Icing (3 D Cupcakes)
    Icing could be the main ingredient of sugar, which is elastic and might be created into various models and colors. The decoration of Icing will take time and higher prices than other cupcakes model. The decoration is often 3-dimensional. All the ingredients could be eaten because they’re created from icing and the dye used is halal food coloring.



Many ideas for decorating a cupcake, depending on the event that is to be used. For example for a wedding, usually it takes the type of interest as will likely is discussed below. Different again if presented on the baby event, bridal shower, Halloween or easter. Topping or form used can stick to the type of event that can place. Things that need go prepare:

Some cupcakes
Buttercream to taste
Plastic triangle
Molded rose petal buttercream
Sparkling pearl shape cake

How to create:
1. Mix the buttercream with all the food coloring you want.
2. Place the buttercream inside a plastic triangle that has been given a mold.
3. Create a pattern like the one in the video.
4. Make the pattern three levels, to ensure no part in the surface with the cupcakes be visible.
5. Decorate the center from the flower cupcakes which has a sparkling type of food.

For more details, you will see a video on the way to decorate a cupcake on YouTube that has been widely circulated.

Here will be explained how to make a cupcake with tip, including:

How to Decorate Cupcake with Spray Technique
• Butter cream
• Food coloring (color as outlined by taste)
• Cake spray bags
• Chocolate
• Peanuts

How to make
• Put the butter cream right into a cake spray bag.
• Choose colors based on taste
• Give rose syringes or tapered triangular scissors
• Then spray the butter cream for the cupcake to form flowers.
• Give peanuts or chocolate over cupcake.

How to Decorate Cupcake with Circular
• Butter cream
• Pasta or food coloring (color to taste)
• A bag of butter cream
• Meses or marshmallows
How to produce
• Put the butter cream into the cake bag.
• Then decorate using a circular technique.
• Make cakes look more unique and interesting.
• Add messes or candy on the cupcake.
• Serve.

How to Decorate Cupcake with Stacking Techniques
• Butter cream
• Small spatula
• Color paste (according to taste)
How to generate
1. Bring butter cream over cupcake which has a high position.
2. With a small spatula, apply the icing towards the side from the cupcake to create a beautiful melting icing.3. Decorate with fondant or sugar.

How to Decorate Cupcake with Icing Technique
• Yellow cupcake with chocolate icing: This could be the greatest mix of birthday party cupcakes
• Chocolate cupcake with vanilla icing: The sweet taste of icing balances the deep brown flavor
• Red velvet cupcake (red) with cream cheese icing, which is also the party’s favorite cupcake.
• Carrot cake or spice cake is generally also associated with cream cheese icing.
• Knife
• Beaded candy

How to make
1. Prepare icing. Make your icing from the beginning with your favorite recipe, or if you employ the finished icing, utilize a spoon to stir it.
2. Place it with a flat and wide surface so that you can decorate freely.
3. If you want to serve the cupcake in wrapping paper, leave the paper. Or you can chuck the ball wrapping paper if you want to serve it without paper.
4. If you decide to throw away the wrapping paper, take care not to damage the cupcake.
5. Use sprinkles or another sugar decorations to add the of entirety in your cupcake.

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