Use Custom Sugar Sheets For Cakes


Innovation in cake decorating keeps growing together with technological advancements. Today town is brought to Edible Photo Cake, that is a cake with Edible Image decorations in the form of photos. Uniquely, the photo may be eaten.
In general, the photos utilized on the cake are personalized photos, like birthday photos or wedding photos.

Custom sugar sheets for the cakes are sheets of paper produced from sugar which might be used specifically for printing pictures, edible photos or logos as well as decorating cakes. Besides being utilized on top of the cake, it can be used as topper cookies or Oreo.

This Icing sheet features a smooth white surface that produces brilliant color prints when in combination with special edible inks. One sheet of custom sugar is really a thin layer of very thin, white icing with a plastic backing sheet which makes it all too easy to handle and move through the printer.

The ink is produced from food coloring that is certainly processed specifically and does not contain fat/oil and salt levels in food coloring so it will not damage the printer head. The edible ink itself is registered in the health department.

Edible paper created from sugar flour, cornstarch, corn oil or also known as fondant icing made flat as sheets of icing paper/sugar paper, expiration 1 years in the date of production.

Especially for icing paper that has been printed but has not been used, it may be stored in a decent plastic that can last up to half a year.
For icing paper storage, simply maintain it in a very tightly closed plastic and store it at room temperature, don’t store it in a refrigerator or freezer.
If held in a refrigerator or freezer, the paper will probably be moist or damaged and easily moldy.

How To Use Icing Paper For Decoration

How to work with the cake

  • Scissors images which were printed based on size put an image on the cake that has been smeared with buttercream.
  • Decorate the advantage of the wedding cake with buttercream.
  • For large size cakes such as 30 cm x 30 cm, the full edible image is printed on A4 sugar paper (18 x 27).
    For this massive picture the picture is reversed or evening the mica plastic is slowly removed, put the photo for the board, spread the back with the image with brown white with a thin brush, just go into the freezer for a while from the origin of dry white chocolate.
    After that, paste the style along with the dessert that has been smeared with butter cream, in order that the edible image doesn’t wrinkle or fluctuate for the reason that butters cream is wet and moist.
  • But for a small size cake 18 cm x 18 cm could be placed directly for the butter cream, usually not wrinkled.
  • For those who use whip cream, the edible paper around the back from the picture needs to are smeared using a brush using melted white chocolate, then put it inside the refrigerator for some time, when can I be hardened the newest chocolate lies for the whipped cream, this is so that the time is stored inside a refrigerator or chillier, picture edible, not wrinkled.


How to work with it on chocolate

  • Pouring the chocolate that is melted on a lollipop chocolate mold or frame.
  • Put it inside the freezer so your chocolate becomes solid and evenly distributed.
  • After the chocolate has hardened, remove it in the mold, take away the remaining sticky ice dew and brown it with tissue.
  • Cut out the edible image that is printed then place it on top of the chocolate.


How to work with cookies

  • Outline while using piping tip # 2 on the side with icing flooding. Then, fill the interior using the same piping.
    You will make a summary and immediately add, or do your outlines first, then return and flood the cookie.
    Wait before icing dries. Usually, wait around 12-24 hours.
  • After the white layer is solid you can start cutting edible stickers. I recommend just cutting 3-4 at a time and keeping unused parts in airtight ziplock bags. If it stays a long time inside the air, it will become crispy and crushed when done. You will crop images that may be eaten while still on paper.
  • With a paintbrush which is safe for food, brush a bit of clear corn syrup on the surface with the dried cookies.
  • Gently take away the backing through the sheet of frosting paper and place the edible image above and employ it gently utilizing a clean finger or possibly a safe dry paintbrush to smooth the look.
  • After you apply for all image transfers, you are able to mix the colors of your border. I made 4 different shades of piping icing and placed them about the edges of cookies with Wilton’s tip 16.
  • Pipe about the border, however, you want and then leave cookies dry. Store cookies in an airtight container overnight before packing them.

Important to note

  • Sometimes the icing paper isn’t the same thickness, please be aware when printing the end or edge of a thinner or thinner paper that is certainly put first into the printer.
  • If the two ends or edges of the paper are rather thick and also the paper is often a bit directly to enter inside the printer machine then grind the perimeters or edges of the paper having a mill for fondant or a fondant roll pin until flat.
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