The Beauty of Tiered Cake Stands for Your Celebration


A tiered cake stand plays into all of this nicely by quietly showcasing your cake and which makes it available for peopled to easily get yourself a slice by themselves. A cake is a simple and interesting method to show the folks surrounding you that you will do look after them.

You can display off your special preparations of tarts, cookies, cupcakes and individual treats using tiered cake stands. This stylish stand helps as well you to definitely easily display appetizers, cocktail sausages, and mini quiches throughout a party.

It’s important to remember which a few tier stand it not just for big cakes, but can be perfected to show-offs cupcakes and muffins as well. Usually, we often encounter tiered cake stand on birthdays or wedding.

You can find a few things you’ll want to take into account to get the best experience possible to get a tiered cake mean your property and for a celebration.

  1. You will want to make certain you obtain the rights size for your needs. The size will not only talks about height but also towards the size of each individual plate. If you knew in advance that you’ll need plate having a wider diameter compared to a few tier cake stand to have a lot of height, you would want to look more carefully with the individual plates than whatever else.
  2. Material from the stand itself. Most stands out there are constructed of hard plastic, but you can find glassed and even a few metal versions available. Most tiered cake stands purchased with an instruction guide, so make sure that you consult the guide when you actually put the tiered stand together. Failure to construct a two or three tier cakes the standby position the instruction manuals guidelines can result in instability.
  3. A tiered cake stand is a good approach to showcase your beautiful baking creations friend, family, and guests alike!


The pedestal display is good for smaller spaces or maybe more intimate collections, given that they look fantastic share without taking excessive real estate property. Pedestal covers glass cups and white pedestal cakes bases.

The base is made of Porcelain making the display more desirable and chic. The plate has wide legs for sturdiness & a rim to the dome to sit down safely go on top.


If you would like to offer a good impression for a guest by serving dessert, you need to use the three-tier cake stand. You simply put a mini cupcake with attractive frosting decoration so your guests will discover it simpler get it.

Such as the example above, the tier dessert stands are created from Stainless Steel that’s rust-resistant, very durable, retains original features that conserve the appearances of ingredients, cleanliness, and durability. Besides hygienic as wells as simple to wash it is also safe for daily dishwashing use. Equipped with tiered cake stand hardware that is an easy task to install.


The Michael Aram Black Orchid Collection was inspired through the powerful sensuality of orchids along with the rich ambiance of haute couture — strikingly simple yet fulls from the most extreme detail. The collection possesses an almost Gothic feeling — opiated, lush, and smoldering — like the dark, velvety atmosphere of your luxurious evening.


By considering one with the tier cakes stand images above, as though I was in the countryside with natural scenery. For people who will be holding birthdays or weddings with natural themes, the tier above can be utilized has been a support.

This cake stand wood contains 3 tier dessert which is demounted able for further comfortable storage and safe transportation. Suited to cupcakes which are served to your guests. Unique shape, making guests will be interested and enjoy it.


If you will want little modern touch and still a simple craft, there’s no need to search anymore! Made with several boxes, when you find yourself done you’ll have a cheap and funky cake stand. In general, this cake stand is utilized to place beautiful cupcakes. DIY mini cardboard cupcake stands make perfects party decor and photo prop!

So how will you ensure it is? Below will likely be told you ways to make your individual cake stand.

Material prepared:

– 3 different sized cake boards
– 2 cake dummies
– Ribbon to wrap around the dessert dummies
– Pins
– Strong Glue
– Wrapping paper- Craft knife

How to make:

  1. Cut your cardboard using a craft knife (if you utilize) — I actually used a hubcap coming from car tires to receive the round circle shape, it had been the only growing trend I could find.
  2. Line up your cake boards and lay flat onto your choice of wrapping papers, I oftentimes trying pink wrapping paper with small yellow flowers. Trace throughout the circles then cut out the wrapping in paper employing a craft knife and glue on the boards.
  3. While the glue is dried on your boards — wrap some would ribbon across the polystyrene blocks (or cake dummies), I glued to mine as I went using pins to keep the ribbon available.
  4. Now the glue needs to be dried on your own cake boards.
  5. Place the polystyrene block (or cake dummy) on the top in the largest board (this will likely be the foot of your stand) and glue down with strong glue.
  6. Repeat this courses of action while using next cake board and block, finishing up while using the last small cake board for your top stand.
  7. I tidied the remain trued by wrapping ribbon throughout the circles to hide the cardboard.


To obtain a variety of tier cakes stands, you are able to directly purchases for them at cake equipment stores or online, by way of example at Walmart or Target. There, you can get several choices according to what exactly you need. If you don’t need it, you are able to rent it at certain rental stores.

With examples with the tiered cake stand themselves from, hopefully, it will help you in serving cakes that will attract your friends and relatives.


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