Pics of Unique Unicorn Cakes


Who is not interested in a Unicorn birthday cake. Especially girls mostly like it.
Cakes with colorful colors and horns are the main attraction. Many pictures of unicorn cake circulating in the community.

Social media often displays various cuisines with the theme ‘Unicorn’. There is ice cream, noodles, also unicorn cupcake cake. For you cake lovers, you can actually make this beautiful unicorn cake yourself.

Various foods inspired by Unicorn can be presented in various forms, including:

  1. Fresh colorful Unicorn Frappucino

During this time we know frappucino as a brown coffee drink. However, now a variety of unicorn themed frappucino has emerged, complete with soft colors.

In fact, one of the leading coffee franchises, Starbucks, do not miss serving a variety of unicorn-style frappucino that immediately attracted the attention of many unique coffee lovers. You can find a unicorn image in this coffee.

If you want to make it yourself, you can use vanilla ice cream added with blue and pink food coloring. Serve with softly whipped cream and colorful sugar sprinkles.

  1. Colorful crispy popcorn

Popcorn which is usually yellowish white will look more attractive when served with soft colors. The trick, just mix the popcorn that has been cooked with white chocolate that has been given a purple and yellow dye then stir until the chocolate are evenly attached to the popcorn.

In addition to look more evocative, white chocolate will make the taste of popcorn more legit and soft when eaten. You can also add a sprinkling of colorful sweets or sugar so that it looks shinier.

  1. Unicorn cheesecake is tender

Regular cheesecakes will look more attractive when presented in a unicorn style complete with cheerful colors. Although it looks very attractive, the way to make it is not much different from cheesecake in general.

Simply combine cream cheese with blue, purple, and pink food coloring then cool it until the texture is stronger. Serve with sprinkles of candy and colorful chocolate.

  1. Unicorn waffles for a unique breakfast

Another unicorn breakfast menu that will make your morning more vibrant. Waffles that are usually brown will be more attractive when served with bright colors.

Plus whipped cream with matching candy colors, guaranteed soft colorful waffles will increase your appetite in the morning.

  1. Healthy Unicorn smoothie bowl

Smoothie bowl is indeed becoming one of the trendiest foods in the culinary world. In addition to the appearance that looks evocative, a combination of various fruits makes this filling snack more healthy.

But if you are bored with the look of the same smoothie bowl, let’s serve your made smoothie bowl with more cheerful and colorful. Combine blueberry, strawberry, and banana-flavored smoothies combined with food coloring in one bowl then serve with a decorative chocolate shaped unicorn to make it look more adorable.

  1. Chocolate is a colorful bar

The legitimate chocolate bark will look more evocative when presented with a colorful unicorn style. Plus a sprinkling of colorful candies, this unicorn themed chocolate bar will definitely attract anyone who sees it, especially children.

Making it is not too difficult. Combine white chocolate with yellow, blue and pink coloring and print on a flat tray. Sow with a variety of colorful sweets and chocolates to make it look more adorable.

  1. Colorful, appetizing toast

Funny unicorn themed toast can be an alternative breakfast menu to be more vibrant in the morning. The combination of soft pink, blue and purple makes the appearance of toast look more attractive and not boring.

To make a color-colored jam, you can use flying cheese which has been put on food coloring. Rub on the bread and add the horns and decorations from chocolate so that it looks more like a Unicorn.

  1. Unicorn Cupcakes

Unicorns can be served as a cupcake. With a small size, make everyone attractive. A soft colorful presentation coupled with a small horn already represents a picture of a Unicorn.

Everyone must like the appearance and can be presented in various events both birthdays and weddings.


There are several things that need to be considered for those who want to try making their own Unicorn cake.

  1. Choose good butter cream

Use a stable butter cream and have a taste that isn’t too sweet for icing or coating the cake. Butter cream will also be used as a decoration on the cake. A stable butter cream means that when a temperature changes, it doesn’t easily melt. Moreover, Jakarta’s temperature is indeed hot.

  1. Play with color

Play around with colors and give a personal touch to cake decoration. Unicorn cake made by yourself is actually a preoccupation. People can create as they please. The cake decoration adds details in the form of flowers. The eyes of the unicorn do not always have to be made open, it might be created with closed eyes but the eyelashes are made a bit long like the one he made.

  1. Choose a harder cake

The first thing to note is the cake that will be decorated. To make a unicorn cake, you need a rather hard cake. This is important because the cake will be decorated with cream so that this rather hard cake will be more stable. Do not use sponge cake, sponge cake, Surabaya layer, or other cakes that are too soft.

  1. Don’t rush

In general, a person’s fault when decorating a cake is too hastily wanting to complete the decoration. In fact, in creating we need precision. Use a turntable to place the cake so that it’s easy to decorate.

Most people immediately pour butter cream and then flatten the cake. This method is not effective. The base layer becomes uneven. To pour butter cream on a piping bag or cake decorating tool with a hole at the end. Cover the cake with buttercream and help with a piping bag and start from top to bottom until smooth.

In decorating takes 3 hours, don’t rush. It’s like painting a different art. The next step, flatten the lines on the cake with a spatula box. The cake is ready to be decorated.

In the current era, cake develops in various forms, some are combined in the form of rainbow cake, sheet, 3D is like the original shape, there is also a mini-shaped like cupcakes.

This is what can be presented about various pics of Unicorn cakes. Hopefully, it can help you to add insight.


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