How to Put Pictures on a Cake Easily


What is more exciting than developing a cake along with your photos which can be eaten? To make the dessert you became more interesting, you are able to put an image on the cake. The image is unique and it is possible to eat.

How do you do? This can be made by yourself at home how to put pictures on a cake by learning a few steps below:

Personals photo cake

There is certainly not more special in addition to being able to personalize a great gift for the cherished one. This is a great possibility to flaunt their creativity and most importantly, it came to weight loss than just thinking.

Since middle ages times, the cakes are always within all occasions, from birthday to weddings. This is a change that was appreciated in the event the substitute for personalizing the dessert, with photos that are placed directly on the desert itself, open to consumers. With the help of a printer, ink and special paper, copying images to cakes made relatively easier.

Required materials

Personalized cake by copying photos about it is regarded as extremely expensive. However, certain advances in technology have allowed regular Office photo printers and ink cartridges to use in decorating the dessert. This has made the complete business of printing photos of cakes being cheaper and much more affordable.

It is very important to remember that the output to generate superior quality, materials and equipment used should have a perfect quality too. For starters, a good photo printer needed to generate superior images. One particular brand planned is simply because the Canon Pixma photo printer is compatible using the replacement cartridge. Photo negatives scanner or scanner, printers ink cartridges with edible ink in it and rice paper or paper which can be eaten also had to finish the task.


How to put images on the cake

Icing Image Instructions

1. Have a plain cake that’s already cold ready in decoration. Do not apply any decoration before applying the picture. With buttercream frosting, or ready-made frosting can be bought a shop cakes. For best results, use white frosting spots images will likely be placed.

2. The Frosting or icing really should not be dry.

3. Take Icing Image of the place leaves it in a normal room condition approximately fifteen minutes.

4. Icing Image will probably be easily chipped in the back in the paper. (If there is any difficulty, pull the back of sheet on top in the sharp edges of the table, etc., and sheets of frosting should move away in the back from the sheet to place an image inside a freezer for quarter-hour then peels).

5. Lay the PRINTED SHEET on top from the FROSTING your cake by holding the ends and the Middle first and after that apply the sides. If there are any wrinkles, Pat gently so that you can look smooth.

6. Add the limit or the slope of your choosing for a cake.

7. You can edit a photograph using photo editing software, and you’ll be able to add text into it. If you do not add text over the program, you’ll be able to write over pictures with frosting or jelly.


The pictures do not require refrigeration.

– If your pictures will never be deleted in the rear, utilize a hair dryer and punctiliously breathe hot aired into the back of a photo for a little on the minute. This will normally dry out the picture and makes it simple to peel off.

– various frosting may be used, however, Whipped Cream or Non-Dairy Topping a really wet may cause images to fade if left inside the refrigerator.

– If the cake is frozen, it is advisable to thaw a little before applying Icing Image.-you will realize that the Pictures there’s no Icing when uncut and eaten with slices of cake.

– If the print pictures round or shaped, cut with scissors before being shelled.

– Don’t be exposed to direct sunlight. When storing, turn face-down in a very rut where the images are not damaged.

How that will put images on the cake with waxed paper

Must be prepared:

– A printed out the picture or coloring page that can fit the dimensions of your cake.

NOTE: your image will likely be reversed when added to the dessert, if you are being used words, you might need a mirror image. In the listing. This isn’t a problem with images (see transformers collage above)

– A small part of the glass, such as  small pictures frames glasses

– Wax paper

– Buttercream frosting created using butter (this is a must. When you freeze the transfer, computerized devices harden and form could be the butter)-food coloring-pipping bags & frosting tips (or zip locks bags with tip cut-off)

Here’s how:

1. Start by trimming your image, and tape it towards the back side of a flat part of the glass. We use glass from your frame a small picture to really succeed to be effective. Wax paper scissors according to the size in the glass, paste it across the surface from the glass with the help of tape

2. Next prepare buttercream by mixing the colors you’ll need on your image and insert it into the pockets of Your frosting. If you don’t have a frosting bag, You can also work with zips locks bags with the smallest part from the angles cuts.

3. Start drawing with buttercream began with small size. Undercoat this is going to be any particular item on the top of your shipment. So You must carefully think a stride at the same time, which layers You wanted to put on the next.

Continue using the larger size. So on till each of the surface of the look covered the buttercream. Flatten. Be is sure to color in most areas using a layer of icing to some depth of approximately 1/4 inches, ensuring your entire design supported by that thickness 1/4/icing.

4. Put the glass transfer whole into a freezer and freeze it for about thirty minutes or until icing is completely hardened.

5. After that, remove from freezer. Make sure the icing is a useful one and hard. UN-tape wax paper through the glass and carefully squeeze side facing upwards (the ugly side) to the cake which has been smeared with buttercream. Press down a little so stick to the dessert. Tidy up and decorate the extra edge as outlined by taste.


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