Decoration with Gold Luster Dust for Cakes


When you want your cake, chocolate, cake, fondant decoration or royal icing to get a little luster using gold luster dust for cakes is a wonderful way to achieve that. Dust luster comes in various colors, however, the most often used colors are gold and silver.

Content In Luster Dust

There a wide range of different types of dust luster in the market, and unfortunately, most of them are usually not individually labeled with ingredients. In addition, different colors of sparkling dust in the same brand could have different ingredients required to produce these nuances.

So if you’re sparkling dust container isn’t labeled, the only method to ensure that the ingredients are would be to contact the business and enquirer of about your particular color. That being said, the ingredients commonly cited in numerous dust luster are Titanium Dioxide, Iron Oxide, Carmine, and Mica. In addition, some contain Blue Iron or Chromium Oxide.


Is Luster Dust Safe To Eat?

Again, this really depends on specific brands and colors. Most sparkling dust is labeled “non-toxic,” and thus should you consume it, they will not harm you. Keep in mind, even if only because something is non-toxic does not necessarily mean it can be intended as eaten. To be safe, you should seek out luster dust brands which might be specifically labeled “FDA Approved” or “Food Grade.”

Dust luster comes in powder form as well as colors. The most universal is CK Products Pearl Dust or you can buy a luster spray, it also comes in an alternative color too, again one of the most useful things is the Sugarcraft Luster Spray PME — Pearl.

In some cases, certain nuances usually do not mean being consumed at all, which are clearly labeled “Not for Consumption” or “For Decorative Use Only.” In this case, you might just use sparkling dust on decorative elements that won’t be eaten, including gum paste flowers about the cake.

How To Use Gold Luster Dust On Cakes

1. Prepare gold luster dust. Pour just a little in a bowl. Add 1 to 2 drops of vodka and lemon vanilla extract or clear and mix well to produce paint. You must use alcohol-based liquids. Luster dust does not dissolve in water and does not blend with water. If you plan to make use of dry luster dust, you shouldn’t have to arrange.

2. Dust luster is perfect for adding shimmery colors for cakes, cupcakes, or cakes constructed with fondant, royal icing or another dry frosting that are hard to touch. Dip a small pastry brush into a sparkling dust/liquid solution and paint on color and design.

3. Combine the luster dust to the buttercream frosting. The buttercream surface is too soft to paint, but I am not saying you simply can’t help it becomes sparkle. Add 1 tablespoon of dust for a frosting and mix well to distribute the luster dust evenly. Continue to add dust shine and stir and soon you achieve the desired effect. You can also squeeze the brush dust into fondant or mix it into royal icing.

4. Use a large, fluffy brush to apply dry, sparkling dust on the cake. For more detailed work, use a tiny brush or cotton swab to apply dry luster dust, or use a tiny brush to use a sparkling dust/liquid solution. For best results, hold off until your candy is very dry at room temperature before decorating with sparkling dust.

5. Create complicated designs with stencils. Clean your hard work surface with cornstarch. By using a rolling pin, roll your fondant which has a thickness of 1/8 to 1/2 inches (the thickness is up to you). Press the stencil firmly into the fondant.

Fill your dust/liquid solution over the stencil, fostering to fill in each cut-out. When the shiny dust has dried, peel the stencil. Use a decorative fondant to pay your cake, or cut the fondant with cake mold and put within your homemade cake.

6. You can also apply gold luster dust with all the airbrush system. Use sparkling dust to paint the solid colors of your respective items, to generate free-form designs or to create your own pictures or scenery. Or, for a more guided design, place a stencil or blameless, together with the confection color and your airbrush into it.

Where To Buy Luster Dust

Dust luster is available in lots of internet vendors and is often carried in cake decorating shops and candy supply stores. In addition, craft shops carrying Wilton cake decorating products will have Wilton brand pearl dust and sparkling dust.

Best Gold Luster Dust For Cakes From Amazon (2017 Review)

There are many brands of gold luster dust available online.

1. Oasis supply Luster Dust, Egyptian Gold (Super Gold)

  • Net Weight: 2 Grams Developed for the desert decoration and craft industry.
  • Dust only contains NON-TOXIC ingredients.
  • Intended for use within the dry form.
  • Adds bright and sparkling metallic luster.
  • Available in rainbow colors.


2. Imperial Gold Highlighter

  • Non-Tonic for decorative use really should not be viewed as food may be diluted with alcohol for painting.
  • High luster.
  • Use on foundation and chocolate.


3. Shiny Gold Luster Dust-Edible

  • This edible sparkling dust powder is created within the US by CK Products.
  • FDA approved and Kosher. Use it for coloring fondant, buttercream, and liquid chocolate. Brush on fondant and chocolate. Mix with clear alcohol for the airbrush. Mix with alcohol, oil or clear extracts to color portraits.
  • 100% Food Grade only with FDA approved ingredients.


4. Satin Gold Luster Dust-Edible

5. Gold Pearl Luster Dust-Edible


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