Best Graduation Cupcakes Decorating Ideas


Graduation may be the times to the celebrations and peak from the Universities’ year. Your graduation will be a fun day with family, friends, and teaching staffs.

All final years and completed students will be invited to the graduation ceremony. If for reason unknown you do not receive an invitation via email or letter, you should contact the graduations team.

In celebrating graduation, you’ll be able to say it giving him a contented, gift or party celebration to welcome him. Say congratulations by bringing an exceptional cupcake using a graduations feel, it’s going to definitely be a wonderful memory for him.

There a wide range of graduation cupcakes decorating ideas that could be chosen, whether for small kids or people that graduate from high school and college. Everything could be formed in various solutions to achieve something amazing and simple to remember, including the followings:

1. Graduation Caps

Graduation hats are a vintage favorite for graduation cupcake ideas. This is very simple to make. The chocolate base with all the brown square cut above is a simple and fast idea. Or else, you can make black frosting by having black food to chocolate frosting.

2. Paper Rolls

You can create a very attractive cupcake design available as a paper roll that signifies a graduations letter with a cupcake. By using a small white fondant which is retracted, having a rope decoration from fondant which also appears to tie a roll of paper, beautifying the shapes of one’s cupcake.

3. Higher Education Themed Cakes

If highs school graduates usually are very thinking about the universities they are going to follow. So a cupcake that describes something related towards the colleges, like its color, can be considered. If they graduated from college then something linked to their specialization, such as engineering or medicine, may be used being a cupcake theme.

4. Books stack up

Topper cupcake with stacked book forms can be an idea for graduation celebrations. Books made of fondants are mini-sized and made in various colors.

5. Edibles images of graduation theme

By using edible paper that’s safe to nibble on, you’ll be able to develop various images linked to graduation events in cute cupcakes. Can use photos which are in graduation. Surely they are going to be satisfied with this excellent cupcakes form.

6. Topper graduation 

If you wish to make it easier and more practical, you’ll be able to print or help make your own topper with the graduation theme that will be stuck for the cupcake. Images may be as greetings, graduation hats, books or anything in connection with graduation, attached while using help of the new lollipop stick applied on the cupcake.


How To Produce Graduation Cupcake Topper

There are two kinds of ingredients which can be used to decorate cupcake graduations, namely from fondant and chocolate. In these cases, we’ll create a topper available as a graduations hat.

Topper of fondant

1. Color the fondant as you desire (generally black).

2. Squeeze the fondant with all the desired thickness using a rolling pin.

3. Cut the fondant into a rectangular shape using a width of 3/4 inches plus an amount of 3 3/4 inches (employed for making hats pads)

4. Roll the fondant pieces to make a ring (slightly overlapping). Use a bit or corn syrup to help you glue the tops in the fondant. Set directly to dry.

5. Cut the square-shaped fondant (for the tops with the hat) about 1 3/4 inch x 1 3/4 inches.

6. Leave the base in the hat (ring shape) as well as the tops (square) to dry for a number of hours or overnight. They must be really firm before moving on for the next step.

7. When the pieces are dry, use a little “edible glue” made having a few tablespoons of powdered sugar along with a little water and apply which has a brush (clean) with the top edge of one ring. Adjust the tops from the hat (square fondant) above, and set it aside to dry.

8. After parting the tops from the hat which has a hat, it’s time to produce tassel. For tassel, just roll a few fondants like a “small snake” shape. You can use your fingers to press one end slightly, then makes use of a knife to produce somewhat texture to represent individual strings with the end with the tassel.

9. Add only a drop of “edible glue” to the center with the hat, and fasten the tassel. Bend the tassel for the sides of the lid a bit. Set directly to dry (at least 60 minutes). Add toppers on the cupcakes right before serving (up to a couple of hours before). Decorating fondant added more than a couple of hours before serving are going to become soft and lose its shape.

Topper from chocolate


– 12 frozen cupcakes
– 12 servings of unpacked mini peanut butter
– 12 chocolate candies
– chocolate frosting or icing
– Peel the rope apart and separate it into 3-inch pieces
– 12 smalls candies like M & Ms or Skittles

Steps to create:

1. Put the cup of peanut butter inverted into frozen cupcakes.

2. Use a bit frosting, attach the square chocolate to your cup of peanut butter.

3. Next, pinch the tops of just one licorice fruits to flatten, then puts it inside the center of the chocolate box, make use of a little frosting to secure it.

4. Place 1 bite of candy within the flat end from the licorice, use frosting to secure it.

5. Cupcake is getting ready to be served.


There Are Several Tips Before Determining The Graduation Cupcake Making Idea

1. Choose pleasant flavors, cakes, and colors

When ordering a graduation cake specifically on the cake shop, you’ll be able to choose from a variety of flavors, colors, and types of cakes. Many choices are served, including standard butter cakes, cheesecakes, pound cakes, frozen goodies, fudge or mousse.

When you select a color, consider taste, decoration as well as, the theme. Some decorators combine the colors with the schools from your completed program or from the next educational institution. Using a favorite color of graduates be the best choice.

2. Match the Graduation Cakes on the Event

When submitting a graduation cakes idea, how much important info about the event is a lot likes what age could be the graduate? What effects are desired, formal, serious, elegant, funny, or entertaining? How many servings are expected?

There are many solutions to serve large meetings. Some cakes can be arranged next to each other, stacked, or tiered. Stacking could be symmetrical or tilted in turbulent design. Cupcakes in many cases are served in particular parties. They may be displayed over a tiered cake plate, on a cupcake tree, or as part of a statue.

3. Entertain the Graduation Cakes Themed Design

Graduation can be celebrated with theme parties or theme cakes that reflect something concerning the lives with the graduate. Other theme ideas can flow from extracurricular activities and student interests. Sports, ballet, rap, singing, music, exercising, or chatting on cellular phones could be reflected in the graduation cakes decoration.

4. Shakes Graduation Cakes Are in Mode

Classic graduation forms are graduation certificates, graduation caps, or are combined. Graduation hats cakes are great for students who complete senior high school, college, or university.

5. Cupcakes Graduation can be funny

Cupcakes in many cases are popular since they may be offered in a number of flavors by having an attractive and appetizing design. Placing a statue in the cupcakes be a straightforward approach to give a party. The classic cupcake design can be a grad hats cupcake that is certainly created from an inverted round shape, topped with flat cakes, and tied with licorice straps.

Hopefully, the discussions above can help you in adding information regarding the ideas of cupcake graduation. Good luck.


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