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You’re Wedding Day plans are very underway, and you’ve already begun to prepare the dress, venue, flowers, bridesmaids as well as the menu, but how about the wedding cake stand? Just as the rest must be suitable for your special day, in like manner doe the wedding cake stand. But what type of stand when you order?

The traditional 3 tier cake stand, with one cake added to each tier, are easy to find and buy plus they were for sale in a variety of materials include chine, glass, metal, acrylic, and ceramic.

They are also available on Styrofoam or dome, however, keep in mind the extra weight of your cake because they are not as stable or robust under strain such as the others.

If you simply must possess a traditional 3 tier cake stand because your target, then that is certainly OK by me. After all, it’s you’re wedding event. But there is a valid reason to think past the obvious and be offered to option that supply maximum impacts with the perfect wedding cake cutting photos opportunity.

There are further variations on the three-tier wedding cakes, including the 3 tier stack, using a supporting plate added to around the would cake below no gap involving.

A prevalent option recently is a grouping arrangement of cupcakes. This cupcake & wedding cake stands been brilliant in design with a single pillar in the center with the cupcakes filling various tiers. And the cupcakes can be quite elegant in design and do not need to resemble anything that you’d find at a five-year-oldies party.

In effect, the wedding cake stand is defined behind the wedding cake with supports radiating towards the front. Just ensures that the dessert is just not over weighted to gets supported this way.

You choose, you’ll stick it over a good-size stable table which is entirely view of the area. Try to make sure that it just isn’t too nears to your guests to avoid children or grandparents from bumping into a table and spilling all your good work across the floor. Place a cake stand it the hobby lobby that makes it is easy to see in front of one’s guests.

You can also try three separates wedding cake stands are various heights and arranged in a cascading fashion on the table. Or you could consider using a floating cake stand, were they tier all appear being floating in mid-air.

You can pick the simplicity of a single cake, which you’ll have in stunning designs on the cake stand in the fabric options presented above.

And finally, discuss your wedding cake options and stand ideas with all the person making the dessert. They will have a perfect idea of the extra weight of one’s cake, and then any potential risks that you might not have access to consider beforehand.


How to obtain 3 tier cake stand

To get 3 tier cake stands, you can get them at the dessert ingredients shop or online. On the Walmart site, for example, various forms of stand caked happened to be provided, starting from vintage to elegant, at cheap to expensive prices.

Elegant cake stands been generally manufactured from glass or copper colored gold or silver. Whereas as antique, usually made of wood.


How to generate your own personal cake stand

One reason the DIY cake stand is adored by many would people are simply because it really is stated in various sizes and shapes. By making your own, you possibly can make the different shapes and sizes you desire.


  • Random porcelain plate in varying sizes
  • Masking or painters tape· Cake tier hardware· Cork or rubber stoppers, optional



  • Power drill· Ceramic/tile bits· Pen or pencil
  • Ruler



  1. Turn each plate over and locate the middles using the ruler. Place an item of tape in the guts, and mark the locations to drill with your pen. The tape makes it easier to obtain your hole started since the bit won’t skitters on the glaze the maximum amount of.
  2. Drill through each plate on special ceramics. Depending on about the thickness with the plate, this could take the quick 10 seconds or even a short while. It might smoke somewhat (craft drama!) But its fine. If you’re focused on it, keep some would water available to sprinkle around the plate to chill everything down.

Tip: Place the roll of tape within the plate to elevate the plate somewhat, and provide you with a buffer; doing this you won’t drills with the surface underneath. The sticky sides with the roll usually hold homed plate available when you drill.

  1. Once all the holes are drilled, assemble the tiers while using hardware. You can do either several tiers, based on your plate sizes and dessert needs.
  2. If one from the tiers are often a little wobbly, stick cork or rubber stoppers about the bottom to keep her steady.
  3. Fill with tasty goodies and luxuriate in!


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