A Wonderful of Wedding Cake Stand Inspiration


A wedding cake stand is one of the most essential elements of a married relationship reception. Usually, these stands are carefully manufactured to be able to cater to the utilitarian function of supporting a cake while at the same time being capable of fulfilling the aesthetic value that runs good whole theme in the wedding celebration.

A stand was designed to have longevity. In fact, it really is made so that you can last and survive for the entire amounting of being married celebration.

There are various materials which can be utilized to make a wedding cake stand, they’re:

Stands which can be created from wood

These wooden stands usually are well-liked by weddings which can be themed in the homey kind of way. These weddings are those which can be done in the backyard or in the home.

Stand from glass

Usually, these glass stands sit beside ice statues of flora or fauna. The glass helps it resembles the wedding cake is standing on ice at the same time. This is great for themed weddings that attempt to display a classical and chic wedding ceremony. Glass is inherently classy and yes it adds sophistication towards the dining room table.

Stands which might be made from metal

This is easily the most flexible regarding decoration along with the most stable. Metal stands are often covered with decoration in order that they blend in with the theme. You will find gold or silver color that will make them look more elegant and vintage.


Cake stands have been used for many occasions, probably the most elegant ones being employed for displaying the wedding cake at weddings. This certainly will offer you a solid idea of each of the options to select.

– The Standard Pedestal Type

The pedestal type is probably one of the most common forms of a cake stand it uses today. Whether it’s in the house, with a bakery or with a restaurant counter, the pedestal cake stand is usually any particular item. The diameters of the type cover anything from 6″ to 12″ and stand somewhere within 6″ and 9″ tall. Additionally, the pedestal types are topped which has a glass cover now and again as well driving them to ideal for displaying a single or double-layer cake, doughnuts or muffins.


– The Floating Cake Stand

Use of your central stabilizer located at the back from the stand giving the impression that the cake layers are “floating” on his or her bases. Grouped Arrangement Cake Stands are extremely versatile in this they’re made for you to display multiple cakes at a time inside a variety of ways.


– Wedding Cake Stands

There are numerous opinions about the ideal wedding cake stand. The current approach is claiming that the 3 tier pillar display is starting to become pass and cute. Designers today are deciding on a cleaner, shorter, and simpler look. Usually, in wedding celebrations, the wedding cake stands are placed in the hobby lobby.


A Tier Cake Stand is employed to guide various levels of a cake. It is traditionally useful for weddings, but some people also make festive tier cakes for birthdays as well as other themed parties as well.

If there is a 10″ cake, obtain a 12″ diameter stand.

8-inch cake: 10-inch stand

12-inch cake: 14-inch stand

16-inch cake: 18-inch stands

…and so on.

That’s the minimum. But if you decide to go a lot larger, you, and your baker, along with your florist, as well as your event planner, decorator, designer, coordinator.


Here are some from the best wedding cake stands that will be your idea.

Roman Romance Stand

This artistic stand is inspired through the roman romance story of everlasting love. The most important feature with this beautiful stand is its scrollwork. The scroll patterns featured with wave’s movement embossed around the sides on these stands. It is also attached to the top perimeter for developing a remarkable presentation for the cake.


Round Gallery Stand

The first one for the list is the Round Gallery stands. This type of stand is made from metal and glasses. It does not cost much and incredibly affordable, just around $50, to possess this easy but elegant wedding cake stand.


Silk Wedding Flowers Stand

The top is decorated with a few single bits of metal finial. The bottom part in the stand can be decorated with two items of folded silk cotton.


White Horse Carriage Stand

This kind of stand is available in multiple tiered. A 3 tiers wedding cake stand will have three layers of cake onto it. The iron design to the stand includes white ceramic horses and carriage with a folding plate. Some common colors are lime green, champagne, pearl white, and date read.


To get a marriage cake to stand, you should buy it directly at the dessert ingredients store or online like on Amazon which gives various ways for sale for you. If you are lucky, it is possible to get a discount.

If you don’t want to buy it, you are able to rent it in rental at various prices that have been set. Besides buying or renting, you can also allow it to be yourself as outlined by your creation. DIY cake stand: for less than a few dollars, you are able to make the wedding cake stand much more awesome.

Take an economical round or square base and cover it. You could select a beautiful satin fabric or use real or imitation flowers and instead gives off. Browse through your local fabric or arts and crafts store for ideas. Browsing the web will even provide you with many great ideas for wedding cakes stands that you don’t see each day.


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