10 Best And Creative of Birthday Cake for a Teenage Girl


Adolescence is an ordinary, complicated and ideal period to spend time with friends without worry about other things. Teens tend to be surpassed by kiddie parties who design several types of cakes. This can be a time when children are tall enough to understand that like and don’t like.

When you commence, there are many focal points that many mothers have with the emergence of energy and energy. There are invitations, activities, decorations, not to mention, essential cakes.

When determining birthday cake ideas for girls, it’s too possible for a little imagination to steer. There are several themes that appear, for instance, superheroes to communicate in layers without forgetting the necessity for bright colors and shine in an edible form.

Here are a few types of birthday cake for a teenage girl used being an ingredient.

1. Barbie Doll Cake

Barbie dolls are an icon of girls’ toys that can’t be replaced as yet. In fact, now there is an animated film which makes many girls idolize him. In Indonesia, there are numerous accessories for Barbie-themed clothing and shoes that have become an integral part of the daily lives of women. So if your loved one little child deserves Barbie, next the favorite doll-themed birthday cake will likely be an amazing gift.

Like the Barbie dolls purchased in toy stores, one of the challenges of Barbie’s birthday cake is the beautiful Barbie dress. To produce Barbie typical dresses in birthday cakes, you may use fondant or colorful buttercream to produce Barbie’s decorations within an edible dress. Guaranteed prizes will probably be much more special for the girl’s wedding day.


2. Frozen birthday cake

The story of love between two Elsa and Anna sisters with the animated film Frozen has bewitched millions of girls. The story that explores the hearts covered with beautiful animations and exquisite costumed figures for adults can be a favorite on this animated film.

So obviously Frozen tarts which can be cute and delicious can be a choice to cheer up the atmosphere of the one you loves daughter’s birthday. The average Frozen themed tart cake has less snow and it is blurred in dark blue, light blue and white.

You can use fondant or icing sugar, that’s given food coloring like a cake topping, then added mini dolls of Anna and Elsa characters to improve your appearance. Another decoration in the form of flowers may add a lovely impression of a birthday cake to your child.


3. Surprise cake

Little girls like surprises and the ways to give birth to your birthday brimming with them are always to bring you for a cake. The most delicious cake you will imagine, and you are going to find a great number of party guests happy if the cake will likely be cut.

There are handfuls of cakes you can use is a surprise. You can place several colorful candies during the wedding cake. When the cake is cut, sweets will form inside it. Your girl will laugh happily.

Besides that, there is now a cake that offers money from cakes. When the lady and one of many decorations on the wedding cake, then there will probably be some money designed from the dessert.


4. Cinderella cake

Cinderella’s mythic is one of several most widely used fairy tales in the world selected by Charles Perrault. Now Cinderella’s fairy tale with glass shoes is global due to Disney’s modern touches. Like other Disney animation, Cinderella also turns into a special devote the hearts of ladies across the world given it plays the values of kindness and sincerity in the struggle for a lifetime.

Cinderella tart brings a vintage feel but full of charm from Cinderella’s character. Cute girls, living under some cute animal characters known to be Cinderella’s friends like birds, cats, and dogs. You can also understand the designs for your Cinderella party in order that an even more deluxe and attractive birthdays cake.


5. Rainbow cake

These layered cakes with rainbow colors will certainly make a lot of people focus on them. Beautiful and bright colors are always your girl’s favorite. The method to decorate it is extremely simple. You only have to decorate the top and add a topper or sprinkle.


6. Flower birthday cake

Flowers are not only seen popular among adult women, girls also love flowers. Making cakes with flower shapes could be the right idea on your daughter who’s on her birthday.

The shape in the flower that you just choose to make on the birthday cake is also rather a lot, depending on how creative you enter so that it is. Generally girls like colorful flowers like pink, white, or yellow. You can add writing on the birthday cake. Birthday cake with name, will make your girl happier.


7. Make-up cake

A cake by having an unusual or arguably unique cake can even be your selection to provide a present for your girl provided that it is still colorful and memorable. For example, cake cosmetics shaped cake, cakes who have a decoration as make-up equipment, the girl provides very girly and exquisite impression regarding shape. This is perfect for birthday cakes for girls 16.

This cake is made with pink dough which is really a favorite of girls, however, it does take a while when compared with making cakes with standard shapes.


8. Little pony cake

If children like a unicorn, this doesn’t happen hurt you to select this custom cake. This cake is very beautiful and specific, as a decoration on her hair using colorful buttercream various colors which are in the same way sweet.

With golden yellow horns, enhance the appeal of the cake. Girls will enjoy it.


9. Colorful birthday cake

Cakes with some other colors which might be colorful are brilliant cake shape ideas. Not only could be the shape attractive, but cakes using this form also has a fantastic taste given that they worked with a selection of ingredients who have sweet tastes according to their colors, for example, strawberry, blueberry, red berry, and several other choices.

Various colors produced by this cake can also add on the excitement of your respective child’s birthday. How to make it simple however possess an elegant impression.


10. A cute cupcake

Besides being in the form of a cake, you can even surprise your birthday girl available as a cupcake. For example, the cupcake within the picture above is for your age of 17, which may be the age of maturity. This cake is also suitable given for birthday celebrations for tween girls.

If your girl starts stepping about this golden age, it is possible to provide a memorable birthdays cake that is rather mature. By using fondant, the cupcake will look more beautiful. Especially with bright colors which are your girl’s favorite colors.


Hopefully, this review can help you determine the birthday cake for a teenage girl.


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