10 Beautiful Black Panther Birthday Cake for Your Party


The Marvell’s Black Panther film can be a superhero film from America which can be now an idol of kids, especially boys. A variety of accessories associated with these superhero characters tended to be collected by them. If your kid’s birthday comes, and he likes the black panther movie, it is not wrong in case you provide him an exclusive surprise. Give a birthday cakes that can lead him to surprised and happy.

This specially made Black Panther birthday cake incorporates a Black Panther design on buttercream vanilla frosting or fondant with dark, delicious chocolate cakes in it. You could make this cake yourself both at home and in case you are a busy person and have a little time to make it, you can purchase it directly at the cake shopped near you or use the Internet here like at Walmart, Kroger or Publix.


Black Panther Birthday Cake Ideas

If you find that it is hard to determine the design/image with this Black Panther birthday cake, you will discover some interesting ideas below.

  1. Black Panther Cupcake

If you see the arrangement of those cakes could make the attraction of the guests who come. The shape is cute using a Black Panther mask topper, neatly arranged on the top of the tray. This makes it possible for guests to select it upped without needing to cut the cake.

This cupcake has 3 levels and on the top-level emerged a topper decoration shaped like a superhero doll that is the theme of the party. And don’t forget to give a number that shows the age of your child’s birthday. Interesting right?


  1. Black panther cake mask

Maybe some guests present thought this became a mask. Though here is the character’s mask shaped cake. This dominant black cake can be coated with fondant. This cake isn’t a lot of accessories inside, just with silver stripes that describe the mask line. For his congratulations, you’ll be able to input it alongside the cake.

Unlike the wedding cake above. This cake is in the way of a mask and is decorated with black buttercream, for decoration/mask lines, you can use white fondant. If this cake is cut, it’ll look beautiful as the base cake is made from a purple cake and includes several layers. This purple color makes the cake look more beautiful and charming. Are you interested?


  1. Black panther cake with edible images

Do you want a simple cake to embellish? Maybe the example above can represent it. You need to decorate this rectangular cake having an edible image that could be eaten immediately. While on the sides, you are able to provide sprinkle decoration.


  1. Black Panther 2 level cake

Wow … it’s amazing! Although the decoration just isn’t excessive, though the color combination relating to the upper and lower levels are basically harmonious. At the bottom, it is possible to give black that’s the basic color with the black panther. Enough which has a small white decoration beside it.

Whereas within the upper layer, you can include it with light blue with a picture of a superhero figure close to it along with a topper within the somewhat buildings placed on the top of it. While the boundary between black and blue, you are able to put in a white fondant layer. Maybe this can be one in the ideas for one to celebrate your child’s house party.


  1. Round Black Panther cakes

This cake really depicts a black panther character that is characterized by black. The cake is coated with this particular black fondant, in the addition to that’s given the superhero mask. While on the inside, it is possible to attach your son or daughter’s name which needless to say can lead him to happy. To give attraction to the cake, it is possible to offer a white decoration as shown above.

For those who desire a color other than black, maybe these choices best for you. With the buttercream layer gray and the mask image onto it, it illustrates the theme of the cake. To add to the value from the black panther figure, you can add clawed for the right and left and also drawings of buildings around the cake.

To choose this cake more festive, you’ll be able to include a yellow star sprinkle. Beautiful, isn’t it?

This cake is ideal for chocolate glaze lovers. With the base color in the cream, the superior is doused with liquid chocolate and it is possible to sprinkle the top with chocolate crumbs. To make this cake in the line with the theme, you can just give you a few toppers about it and obviously the brand of the Black Panther.

For individuals who want an even simpler cake, these options are in your case. The combination of colors between white and black makes this cake more beautiful. You just need to make a pattern and decorate the mask image on the top of this cake and write your business and your son or daughter’s birthday.

This cake is actually just like the previous cake design, the real difference is the writing from the words. You can write the language around the edge with this cake. Simple enough right?

How to Plan a Black Panther Theme Birthday Party

Before holding your son’s birthday party, prepare some following:

  1. Prepare invitations to guests. You can print invitations with black Panther images so invited guests are fully aware of in regard to the theme of the birthday celebration.
  1. Set food and drinks to be served for guests. Drinks are an essential element for that smooth running of each party, so you desired to make certain people have enough snacks and drinks.

Because you have a Black Panther party, look for methods to incorporate that theme into food. Choose a birthday cake which has a Black Panther theme and might be equipped with snacks like cupcakes or cookies that are sent toppers according to the theme. You can make your own personal topper or buy it with the cake shop that delivers it.

  1. Prepare a Black Panther poster in the party area hence the nuance matches the actually required theme, plus some balloons hence the atmosphere might be festive.4. Plan Themed ActivitiesTo start your Black Panther birthday celebration, you should policy for everyone gives to watch the film together. Choose a suitable time for those to satisfy within the theater, so it is possible to all go to a movie together.

Prepare direct activities in numerous areas related to the film. This might be arts and crafts, for example making origami birds or perhaps your Black Panther movie poster. You can also make fun games.

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