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Candy Apple

This one snack is one of the trendy and favorite snacks. Who is not considering the appearance of a good-looking apple candies. Covered with chocolate sauce or caramel and sprinkled with various topping to taste is one method to enjoy this fresh apple.

This candy originally originated from Japan named Ringo Ame. Japanese sweets are saga red and round like lollipop that’s only accessible in the festival. Ringo ame is probably the most popular snacks in Japan. At first glance the contour resembles exactly what a lollipop, however its large size and shiny beautiful red colors are tempting.

With a bright red color, Ringo ame is among the most popular snacks. This candy is really a mix of red apples pierced with chopsticks because the handle. Then the apple is doused with red hots caramel liquid. The hot sugar immediately hardens across the Ringo ame. After being completely cold and hardened, then filled with clear white plastic.

Ringo ame has one week of resistance if put in a refrigerator. If stored at room temperature, this snack may last for 72 hours.

By pairing fresh Granny Smith and premium caramel apples to generate choices inspired by luxurious fall offerings that no-one can reject. Various creations about apples that people can find today, including caramel pecans, caramel apple cheesecakes and classic caramel apples.

A beautiful and charming form, creating this apple candy can be used as being a gift for someone or presented at various events. Suppose mothering Sunday, wedding or just for any family event.


Candy Apples In Houston

If you happen to be again or visiting Houston, remember to go shopping for apple candy there. There is one place that sell various forms of apple candy, namely Houston Texans Candy Apples. This is often a suitable place to seek out desserts and sweets specially those made from apples. Apple candies look unique and delightful with caramel or chocolate wrappers and are given many toppings, so the attraction of website visitors to taste it.

With the cleanliness in the place and good service, make customers more satisfied when you shop there. In addition to Houston Texans candy apples, you can even shop at Sweet Dream Gourmet or Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory.

Candy Apples In Nyc

There are some with the best places to look for delicious apple sweets in New York City, including William’s Candy Shop. This shop serves various types of apple candy forms, including:

– Apple red candy
– Red candy apple with granulated peanuts
– Red apple with toasted coconut
– Red candy apple with sprinkles
– Red candy apple with white coconut
– Caramel apples with rainbow sprinkles
– Chocolate caramel apple with chocolate sprinkles
– And there a wide range of more interesting forms

In addition to William’s candy shop, you can even find apple candy at Dylan’s Candy Bar and many more.

Candy Apples In Los Angeles

In this city, there are lots of shops which can be famous for apple candy, including The Majic Nut & Candy Company, Little John’s English Toffee House & Fine Candies, Jack’s Wholesale Candy & Toy and more.

Candy apple besides its beautiful shape, it’s also packed in a beautiful box too. It is suitable to be a gift for dear people.

Candy Apples In Columbus Ohio

There are several locations where might be suitable for Apple Macari Candy in Columbus Ohio, the Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory, the Antony-Thomas Candy Shoppes and the Dublin Kliwins. With peanut butter creams, fresh rice cereals, chewy mini marshmallows, and topped with half-baked chocolate chips, makes people more satisfied and hopes to nibble on them again.

Toronto Candy Apples

In this city you’ll be able to shop for apple candy at The Candy Bar, the very best place for any selection of imported sweets, various foods from chocolate and many unique dishes. It is suitable to get presented for birthdays, weddings or agreed to relatives or friends. With a good-looking box will add to the impression of luxury in this food.

Besides visiting these shops, you may also shop for various apple candy online. Many shops offer this online service. With this service, it could facilitate buyers to obtain apple candy and never have to come directly for the store. You can enter orders within the blog and earn payments as agreed. After that, simply wait for an order in the future delivered to your home.

Apple Candy Recipes

Material :

• 3 red apples
• 3 pieces of wooden chopsticks

Caramel topping material:
• 300 ml of sugar
• 100 ml of cold water
• 1 tablespoon of red food coloring

How to produce apple candy:

1. Wash and clean red apples with water.
2. Punch apples using wooden chopsticks. Set aside.
3. Put the sugar and cold water in a very small saucepan, cook until boiling, then stir prior to the sugar melts and before the caramel is thick.
4. Put one tablespoon of red food coloring to the caramel mixture, then stir before color are blended perfectly.
5. Dip the apples individually in to the caramel to make sure the caramel covers the apples evenly.
6. Let it stand prior to the caramel hardens and is also ready being enjoyed.
7. Serve for 5 apple candies

• You can also add walnut toppings, peanuts, chocolate, colorful chocolate meises, etc., to ensure that Ringo Ame’s look is unique plus more attractive for the children to savor.

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