Candy Apple Ingredients Are More Trendy

Apples are one of the fruits which might be perfectly consumed every day. The content of vitamins found in whole apples will work for health and beauty. So it doesn’t hurt if apples enter your eating routine. Because besides being tasty and fresh, apples also provide benefits.

To eat apples, usually people just peel your skin layer after which eat it really that way. Even though there are numerous approaches to enjoy apples in numerous ways with additional ingredients. Starting from apple juice, apple jam, apple chips, apple pie, apple crackers, fried apple caramel sauce, apple spring rolls and apple candy.

Apple candy is a whole apple coated with hard candy or candy sugar, using a puncture like chopsticks attached to an apple being a handle. This is a common meal with the autumn festival in Western culture within the northern hemisphere, like Halloween as the festival falls after the annual apple harvest. Although toffee and caramel apples may look similar, they are made using a different process.


Candy Apple Ingredients

Have you ever tried apple candy? The candy that has a beautiful shape is red and it has a sweet taste, making lots of people enjoy it. Not only young children but adults wish to taste it. You who wants to feel it, may make your own at home with this easy recipe.


– 12 small red or green apples
– 12 lollipops sticks
– 3 servings of sugar
– 1/2 cup of young corn syrup
– 1 cup of water
– 1/2 teaspoons of red food coloring

How to generate:

  1. Wash and dry the apple. Enter the lollipop stick with the end with the apple that’s intended as being a handle. Set aside the apples on the baking sheet covered with wax paper.
  2. Mix sugar, corn syrup, and water to the pan, heat it over medium heat. Bring to a boil and cook the amalgamation until the temperature reaches 300º F.
  3. Lift leave the mixture prior to the temperature drops slightly. Carefully add red food coloring. Stir well.
  4. One by one, carefully dip the apples to the candy mixture, turn the apples to coat while using candy mixture and allow any excess to drip back in the pan. Transfer the coated apple on the prepared sheet of cake and let it cool before candy is totally hardened.


  • Apples often have a layer of wax on their skin, which prevents candy from sticking to the surface. To remove the wax layer, just boil 6 servings of water with 1 tablespoons of white vinegar. Put the apple quickly in to the boiling mixture for 5 seconds then dry it thoroughly. Candy will stick perfectly.
  • If the candy mixture is simply too hard throughout the dyeing process, just reheat it over medium heat and then coat the apple.
  • Wrap the apples with colorful cupcake wrappers to add on the attractiveness of the one that sees them.


Material for Making Caramel Apples

How to generate caramel apple lollipop recipes be obviously quite simple and practical. Because it doesn’t take a long time to generate it. The process is to look at apples from your fruit spoon which is usually used as melon, watermelon, pear and avocado. Then dipped in the delicious combination of chocolate caramel ingredients.

To be special just like a lollipop generally, you can contribute crush peanuts, almonds, cashews and chocolate and colorful meats and choco chips on it. With its round shape just like a real lollipop and it is beautiful color, caramel apple lollipop recipes are popular and everywhere.

Well for those of you who are getting tired of presenting something snack that is certainly just that way in the home. Try this Caramel Apple Lollipop Recipe, kids will enjoy it. The following ingredients and how to produce caramel apple lollipop recipes are simple and practical.

Lollipop Candy Ingredients:

– Caramel Sufficiently (use instant caramel or use Javanese sugar too), melt it using a little water
– White chocolate to taste (melt)- Green apples to taste
– Lollipop stick or frozen goodies stay with taste

Topping material:

– Colorful meises
– Chocochip

Steps to Making Caramel Apple Lollipops:

  1. First, take the apple meat having a spoon of fruit or a cocktail of cocktails, stick to the lollipop stick or frozen treats stick.
  2. After that dip it in white chocolate melt. Do it before ingredients run out and then refrigerate in the refrigerator for around thirty minutes.
  3. Then dip it again into melted instant caramel or Javanese caramel sugar and dip it into colorful meises, brown granules, crumble peanuts etc. to taste.
  4. Serve directly or it’s also included a refrigerator for the little longer.

Apple Pink Candy

This candy apple is quite interesting to create especially with its soft pink color that creates everyone, especially women, definitely enjoy it. You can also choose this yourself in the home quickly. This candy taste in it will not be excessive but appears to include a little sweetness. You can use green tart apples (Granny Smith) to contrast the sweet pink candy flavor to obtain the perfect results!

These soft pink candy apples will be great for children party, Easter parties, baby showers, or even weddings. How to make it the same as making apple candy is just a different addition to the coloring of the sugar mixture. And suitable to be served in winter.

Besides being able to be processed types of sweets, apples can even be enjoyed in a very drink or even a cocktail. In certain events like parties, these snacks may be served in a row of menus or might be called Candy Bars. In a different way, which is, everyone or guest could make and decorate their apple candy. They can pick the sauce and create using own topping. Guests can mix several toppings anytime.

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